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My son graduated with flying colors and this was an achievement for him as last year he suffered through a lot of stuff as my wife passed away in a tragic accident which almost broke everyone in the family. Jason was really close to his mother and his lose was quite a lot in comparison to my daughter Lucy who was somewhat got distracted while doing one or the other chores for her kids and husband. she is a lot mature in comparison to Jason who was a lot pampered by his mother as well which made things quite worse for him. I wanted to celebrate his graduation just like his mother would have and for that Tom Tom voucher code helped me in.

Jason had made himself stay in the shell he has made for himself after his mother’s death. Though being my wife I loved Susan a lot and I needed Jason’s support as well to carry on with life but he was in a shock still which was not letting him come out of it. I forgot all about my loss and paid more attention towards him.

Tom Tom promo codes

Lucy helped me in deciding the gift for him which was a car which he liked a lot and I wanted to make some enhancement in it too so the car dealer suggested me to visit Tom Tom online store…
I got the car navigation, speed camera and even got the navigation app so that he can have the comfort of moving from one place to another. The store provided the facility of unbroken coverage of GPS navigation. The one more thing which I loved at the store for Jason was activity watch which was one of the most fascinating stuff I have ever seen.

Tom Tom provided all this stuff and the app cost was quite reasonable as this did not make holes in my pocket as I already spent a lot on buying the car for my son. I don’t know how he will react to this gift for him but I want him to come out of the grievance he has mad3ee part of him and be the young guy again who wants to explore what he loved to do before.

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